A new kind of experience…

So, I’ve finally experienced my first cold of freshman year. It was horrible; I swear these dorms are like a breeding ground for germs. I tried my hardest to prevent it, hand sanitizer all the time, vitamins and such, but I could not avoid the dreaded freshman cold. After being a hermit in my dorm for the last 3 days recovering, I am finally feeling much better! Now, if only this weather would brighten up then everything would be great!

Halloween is right around the corner which is fantastic! I love Halloween, and no, not because I live the city over from lovely Salem, MA. I just love the vibe and mood of the holiday… brings back so many memories! Unfortunately, I will not be experiencing a Frankie P Halloween this year, as I will be home for my best friend’s birthday. I’ll have to listen to the stories to see how it went, from what I’ve heard; Halloween weekend around here can get pretty crazy!

Until next time, everyone stay safe and have a wicked Halloween!

Elizabeth Walsh
Pierce Arrow Blogger


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