Overcoming Freshmen Year

I feel like I do more homework than all the other freshmen. Maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t know. Haha. My roommate is always watching Netflix movies and…pretty much doing nothing. I think I have seen her do homework twice. I always feel loaded with homework. I think it’s because I like doing assignments in advance. I kind of want to try being a procrastinator like everyone else! See how it feels.

I also have two tests coming up that I’m kind of nervous about. They are my two toughest classes, Environmental Science and Sociology. In high school I never really studied, but for these two tests, I am really trying to be prepared. After the tests, I can see if all the prep was really necessary.

This coming week is pretty exciting however, in my individual and community class, Forbes Farmer is taking us to the prison in Gardner, MA. I think it will be a really interesting experience which I’m really looking forward to. Also, Fall Break will be here soon and I could really use the time off. Well, I still have to work about 20 hours back home at the shoe store during break…but hey, I guess I can’t get everything.

Rachel Moon
Pierce Arrow Blogger


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