Fall is here!

I love that Fall is finally here! Apparently, when I moved in I forgot we still had a few weeks of warm weather ahead of us and only packed my fall/winter clothes. I’m so happy I can finally bust out my UGGS and Northface without looking like a weirdo! Fall is my favorite, not only because of the weather and clothing, but my birthday is in the fall! October 11th ladies and gentleman, mark your calenders! Enough with my random blabbering. School work has picked up slightly, but I’m still keeping everything under control. All my quizzes I have taken thus far have had great grades, yay me! I took my first Psych test last Thursday so I’m still waiting to see what I got on that (fingers crossed!). Cheerleading has been going good also. I’ve cheered my whole life, intense competition style cheer, so this is just fun for me! I’m also involved with Fast Friends greyhound rescue and the Monadnock Humane Society, so I can’t wait for those to start to see what everything is about, and it doesn’t hurt that’ll I’ll be around animals – i love animals! So, nothing else is really going on right now with me, maybe after Columbus break I’ll have some new and exciting news!

Elizabeth Walsh
Pierce Arrow Blogger


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