Franklin Pierce is only 3 days away…

I’m a freshman again. I know you all know how that feels, so I know you all know how I’m feeling. I’ll try my best to put my emotions into words. I’ve lived in the city of Beverly my whole life, so, to finally be leaving is a bittersweet feeling. I’m excited to start a new chapter in my life, but it’s sad to leave all my friends and memories of home behind. Franklin Pierce is only 3 days away. It feels like yesterday I was just applying to schools, and now the day I have been waiting for my whole life is so close. It seems unreal. It’s crazy to think that in only 3 days I go off on my own, to a school full of people I don’t know, and professors I don’t know. As sad as it is to say goodbye to all my hometown friends I realize they will always be there and I have to embrace all the opportunities that Franklin Pierce hands me. I’m anxious to move in, set up my dorm and to reunite with my roommates Kim and Hannah. I can’t wait to meet other friends, experience my first all – nighter doing homework or to finally be a fan at a sporting event rather than a cheerleader. This weekend will be the beginning of new friendships and new outlooks on life, and I cannot wait.

Elizabeth Walsh
Pierce Arrow Blogger


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