So this is it…

I have to say that although I have spent the semester in Australia I miss Franklin Pierce a lot. Also, it is the end of my college career and let’s just say that I have mixed emotions.

Of course being in Australia has been an amazing journey, but I sort of feel like I have worked really hard and should be walking at graduation. I honestly never thought I would miss Rindge or that I cared all that much about being a part of senior week or graduation, but I do.

As I move forward with my career goals I will always remember the people I met, life lessons I learned or just how it felt to walk around the small campus of Franklin Pierce. The memories from being at school will remain with me I hope until I am old and grey.

In just 3 short years I was able to learn so much about myself and the world around me and I am especially thankful for the support and help from all my professors. Without their encouragement I might not be graduating early or studying abroad in Australia.

Australia has been amazing so far and I never want this experience to end, but as many have said before, there is no place like home.

I just want to put in a little thank you here to my friends, family and teachers for all that you have taught me.

It’s been an amazing journey!



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